The Fourth Principle

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synonyms COURAGE, METTLE, SPIRIT, RESOLUTION, TENACITY mean mental or moral strength to resist opposition,
danger, or hardship. COURAGE implies firmness of mind and will in the face of danger or extreme difficulty
the courage to support unpopular causes. METTLE suggests an ingrained capacity for meeting strain or difficulty with fortitude and resilience a challenge that will test your mettle. SPIRIT also suggests a quality of temperament enabling one to hold one's own or keep up one's morale when opposed or threatened her spirit was unbroken by failure. RESOLUTION stresses firm determination to achieve one's ends the resolution of pioneer women>. TENACITY adds to RESOLUTION implications of stubborn persistence and unwillingness to admit defeat tenacity
Principle #4-COURAGE_Made a searching and fearless moral inventory of ourselves.
This was Step Four. A business which takes no regular inventory usually goes broke. Taking commercial inventory is a fact-finding and a fact-facing process.(**)
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